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The Planet of Zen-se is a planet discovered by the Nation of Japan. This planet has an atmosphere that is the same of Earth. Plant life can exist on this planet. Zen-se has an ocean that is a rose color while the sky itself is a pink. The plant life there is similar to that of Earth and carries the same functions as well. The planet was discovered in the mid 2345 AE by the Hinomoko Telescope on Titan. The red sun that is near the planet is called Amaterasu. It does contain a small moon called Tsuki. The Government system that Zen-se uses is the Aristocratic Mobarchy. A system that uses the wealthy and well educated Mafia groups as a ruling system.


During the Great Eviction of Earth, many had been deported off Earth to work off the debts they had entrapped themselves. Among the nationalities that enforced this eviction was the nation of Japan. The massive boom of the population had forced the Japanese Government to place people into working space stations, asteroids, or moons that were to be colonized in the name of the Japan. However, the Japanese Government had been a puppet to the Sinister Seven Yakuza groups. Namely in the front of the pack, the Junomakii. This particular group had reigns over the government for nearly 50 years. 

Controlling local banks, local credit cards, and other loans services. So using the advantage they had sought to colonize more outside of Earth’s atmosphere. 

The issue was the planets or moons that were nearby Earth were claimed by either The United States (The Moon, Mars, and a small portion of the asteroid belt), China (Venus, Phobos, and Deimos) and The EU (The moons of Jupiter). The Moons of Saturn were still available, but with Titan, being the only moon that was available to be habitable. So with the combine efforts these Yakuza groups were able to buy the Titan moon.

JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) had developed technology that outclassed the USA’s Light Speed Drives. This technology was called The Radio Wave Field Engines. The RaWaFi Engines are able to compress matter and transmit in it own encrypted frequency, objects through a compressed radio wave signal to a receiver. Organic matter such as plants, animals, and humans, hasn’t been tested. Small objects were the only things that were able to transmit. The Junomakii and the other Yakuza groups had funded this technology to improve to a point where they can send fleets of ships all at once.

Meanwhile, ships had carried building supplies to the Titan Moon to start the process. Along with it, a powerful telescope that would scout the stars in search for new planets. Ones that were out of reach beyond the hands of the US government and China. 

The Colonization of Titan

It took about seven years for the construction crews to begin building the stations to orbit the Titan Moon. Building the Space Colony- Shinoto, which took an addition 2 years to have it fully functional. The technology of the RaWaFi had improved by that time. So once Colony Shinto was finished, supplies were sent to help create the Receivers to obtain the cargo. This took about three years to receive the equipment to build the Receivers.

During this weight time, science groups have taken measures to use the Moon’s ecosystem as a resource. Upon there discovery they had found a mineral under the ice that is 100 times more powerful than the radiation system that they currently use to power the station and ships for interstellar travel. This mineral is called the Titan-Nitrogen. The combination of turning the this frozen mineral into a gas used to compress the energy stored and release into batteries. 

Within the years of 2315-2322 The Bio domes were set into place thanks with a trade done with the US government in exchange for the fuel developed on Titan. The Junomakii now had full control of the fuel supplies to make refineries on Titan. Meanwhile other Yakuaza groups had developed the Bio Domes for workers to sleep and live on the harsh surface of the moon. The leader of the division was the second powerful yakzua group: Tomogati. 

The Perfection of the RaWaFi Engine

JAXA had tested throughout the course of the colonization of Titan, progressively made improvements to the Radio Wave Field Engine. In the beginning the only thing that could be transported was solid materials, i.e. tools, empty storage containers, and clothing supply. Sending materials within containers would fuse together. However, a young scientist by the name of Akiba Nohanshu along with the Veteran who had developed the technology, Gingcha Monaki had collaborated in having both the transmitter and the receiver to understand that each object has a unique frequency. So using the super computers they had at the time, these frequencies can be retranslated into their respected shape, size, and not fusing to each other. The computers installed on these transmitters and receivers was called The Bunshū-ki System.

With the Bunshū-ki System, now things would operate more rapidly and more complex things like unmanned space ships entering Space Colony- Shinoto.

Organic matter such as human beings was still an issue. Many experiments we cast into the Radio Wave Field. In the beginning it was deceiving, even when the Bunshū-ki System was installed, the plant matter appeared normal, but upon closer examination, the molecular structure was unstable. Within the five minutes after the teleportation, the plant matter aged rapidly and died. Mice were also experimented on, but the results were worse than the plants sent through. The mice had aged and turned to dust within seconds. Some cases had reported that the mice were disfigured.

Dr. Akiba and Dr. Gingcha went above and beyond trying to understand how to solve the issue that was plaguing them from progress. 

Dr. Tomoe Itashi, was the one to break through the problem. She had used test transmitters and receivers but used and experimented on certain crystals. She had discovered that Earth Quartz was not the answer. Not even diamond However, the quartz that is found in the asteroid belt had change the way the machine worked. Not only did the Bunshū-ki System had more precision with identifying non living materials, but was once configured, was able to process living materials. Plants and animals could be processed. On the bonus side, living material inside non living material for example plants inside a plastic box could be transmitted without any side effects.

Now fleets of people could start traveling without the use of the light speed engines.

The Space Race War

Once the truth had been exposed, plans had been executed quick. Under the Junomakii orders JAXA to create ships that would out perform any ship manufactured by any government. However, the best strategy to compete would be to have RaWaFi transmitters and receivers set up. With every ship that passes through would be a superior ship. JAXA worked with the Okiahima and Huani, divisions from the Funishisha and Tomoegati.

The Chinese government had already sent out the massive panzer ship known as the Huang. Onboard were heavy artillery weapons, sophisticated artificial intelligence, artificial food supply, and humans stored in stasis chambers ready to serve their shifts depending on the year they are given. The ship had been equipped with the new cutting edge engines of the Black Matter Drive. What can take 500 years could be reduced to 100 years of space travel.

Meanwhile total genetic manipulation was becoming the new trend on the worlds and moons in the Sol system. The Junomakii had employed a scientist, banned from the planet Earth because of his experiments. Dr. Aldous Morbis, a genetic engineer that had successfully created humans from a test tub and have altered full adults to become beast like with incredible strength. His experiments however was inhumane to both human and animal alike resulting in many deaths. The man was banished to the moon of Pluto.

The Junomakii group had “paid” off his fines; enlisting and accommodated his daily needs in exchange to create more powerful men to fit the Junomakii’s plans. Thus Project: YOKAI had begun.

There was not much time to cover. Ships had been launched to catch up with the Starship Huang. It took a period of three months until the first ship had stop at the designation target to set up the transmitters and receivers. It took another two months to have a successful set up of the ports.

This cycle had repeated several times. Each time, transmitters becoming more powerful to cast out longer waves at longer distances. It kept up with the Starship Huang with it’s trajectory.

There were several attacks however made towards the Rising Sun Empire. Attempts to destroy the Titan bases had happen been successful in hurting the fuel economy that the Funishisha had worked for. Measurements of retaliation had been taken. The Rising Sun Empire had sent out defense forces to protect the fuel and the starship ports. With the amazing speeds, it was difficult to defend the attacks of the Chinese.

In this time, Dr. Morbis had released three of the first of Project: YOKAI

DRA- Dragon Series

ONI- Demon Series

KIT- Fox Series

The DRA series were creatures that could adapt to the conditions of space without breathing or need of a space suit. These creatures were immense in size and swifter than any fighter ship the worlds were to ever see. Even with speed, the fire power was no match for the Chinese to handle. So these battles continued to wage on until finally the Rising Sun Empire had successfully made it to the planet, three years before the Huang had made it to ZS-02689. 

In that time, stations and battle fronts had built with the tenacity and endurance of the ONI series and the coordination of the KIT series.

The Huang didn’t take this defeat. A full on assault had been made against the ship. Despite being archaic compared to the brand new technology of the Rising Sun Empire, the ship had made devastating attacks on the empire, almost defeating the fleet. If it was not of the DRA series and the bravery of one man, going by the name of Captain Hiro. Captain Hiro had infiltrated The Huang and managed to weaken the Leviathan ship. The Captain had lost his life in the midst of battle.

Now the planet was in full control of the Planet and was deemed by the Yakuza group as Planet Zensei.


The Rising Empire had dissolved through conflicts between sub species, the working class, the murders, and deaths of the other Yazuka groups had resulted into three separated groups: Junomakii, Tomegati, and Yune. The once proud Japanese culture and language had changed drastically, into a culture of their own. 

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