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We begin our story with a man who is on a search for his destiny. A man that had enough with the world leading him to a path he refuse to undertake. For Lone Star, he had forsake the life of a soldier to undertake the life of a bounty hunter and mechanic to passing ships. The past though....forbids him to forget.

The Story

The year is 3051. The galaxy of Andreas was once a place of separate planets, but brought in unification by The United Solar System Federation. The U.S.S.F. had established orders and brought the end of war in the system. To maintain this order, a program had started to enlist that of lost children that no one had claimed during the years of struggle. Multiple species of alien races and the humans who pioneered into this galaxy was chosen for this program called: The Lost Stars. The Lost Stars had to be healthy children ranging from newborn to age of seven to qualify for the program. By the age of 15 to 18 they have become certified super soldiers called the Luminaries. These super soldiers guaranteed victory for any war, the demise of any terrorist, and the peace among traveling the stars.

Empire of Blood and Steel

The Founders of U.S.S.F. had found success in there work and had faith that the Lost Star and Luminaries Security force would keep growing. Concerns though was made when age was started to a toll for the Founders. Fear became the issue for the Founders because all the knowledge they had obtained would be lost. So a Mega Computer was in the stages of development. The Adapting Mega Computer A.I. was call Mother Sanctuary. Once completed, the prime directive of this computer was secure peace in The Andreas Galaxy.

Once the Founders had died, Mother Sanctuary was left to control the Lost Stars and the Luminaries. It was then she was to bring peace to the galaxy by eliminating death. To do this, she required those on the verge of being deceased to be uploaded to her Mainframe grids to continue on living. The Lost Stars program still continued, but not to become so much as soldiers but rather as priest. The Luminaries, as property of the F.U.P. were mandatory to become full fledged cyborgs.

The Division

Members of the F.U.P. were appalled by this kind of authority and demanded the things Mother Sanctuary wanted to create. The Computer had created legions of of robots to aid the Luminaries, but the members of the forces didn't not want to become cyborg beings. The F.U.P. had created a sect which almost half the galaxy had agreed. The other planets had sided the computer and wanted to become immortal and listened to the promises of finding eternal bliss inside the mainframe. Thus this second sect of the F.U.P. was called the Black Silicon Empire.

The Luminaries program and the Lost Star program had continued but changed the name to the Sentries. The F.U.P. still retains the belief that every planet should carry their own laws as long as the population is under control. If war or outbreaks of crime should happen that create mass death, the Sentries would intervene. Every being is entitled to their right to death.

The Black Silicon Empire had developed planets into a hybrid of technology and nature. Humans on the verge of decease had uploaded their minds into the Memory Banks. Others still alive were synced to Mother Sanctuary making copies of their memories into the Banks but only to store. The uploaded dead serve as programs in the Cyber Space that she had created.

The Lost Soldier

Kilroy Jones of Jones-1636 had served the Luminaries and had been the second generation that grew up in the Lost Star Program. However the years of war and crime fighting had made him grow weary of battle. However the Luminaries program forbid any chance for their own soldiers to leave the Corp. To live and die is only way of life for a Luminary. It wasn't until the division was the only opportunity that Kilroy Jones for him to escape. He and his fellow brother-in-arms, Mace Jones wanted to escape the program. Things further had complicated. Since the people were owned by the federation, they attained no right to decide which program they would go to. So that was when The Lottery was created to determine who stay in the corp in the Sentries program of serve the Black Silicon as cybernetic 'immortal' soldier.

The both of them were chosen for the Black Silicon Empire.

Kilroy and Mace had planned their escape, along side a secret project with nano technology that would render all technology obsolete in comparison. So the plan was to create a false death by blowing up the lab they were assigned. Everything was going to plan until they had encountered unsuspected outcome. They were retrieved the first generation of cyborgs that had been converted. To some they knew very well. Kilroy was able to outsmart the cyborgs, but Mace was captured.

The only small victory was the stolen information of The Assimilation of Information, Communication, Appliance, and Weapon Technology. Code name: LOTAY.

Now Kilroy is alone and on the run to face whatever foe that comes before him. For now he plays as a low key mechanic for income and support. Still he is a lone soldier of once a strong federation.

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