The Assimilation of Information, Communication, Appliance, and Weapon Technology, code-named AICAWT. AICWT was created as a prototype of nanotechnology it’s functionality was simple: Understand and assimilate any form of Technology given by the command of its user to avoid data overloads. The Luminaries had originally developed this technology in hopes that nanotech would be the next achievement for man and machine to be merged into one being without sacrificing or permanently modifying both the human and machine counter parts.  However, now that Mother Machine had overthrown the order of the Luminaries she oversaw this project to her own adjustments.  Mace and Kilroy had to destroy the information that was kept on a separate machine not connected to Mother Machine. Lotay activated Kilroy by accident and with little time he had from the moment, Kilroy took him when he escaped. Lotay had remained loyal to Lone Star and has served along Kilroy for 9 years. At first the relationship between the two was rocky, but it took Kilroy to realize how he needed him to survive.  He can fuse with Lone Star via the harness that Lone Star wears.


Lotay can only hint what emotions he is displaying by the choice of his words. However, besides that, he is a very curious robot. Always wanting to learn more. He can be somewhat too open when giving an opinion or relating an experience that Lone Star had went through that was embarrassing. Nevertheless, Lotay has earned Kilroy’s trust and became his confidant. 

Physical Description:

Basically he is a floating silver rectangular cube, no bigger than Kilroy’s Hands. He has to little red fins on the base of his design and a glowing yellow circle that adjust color depending on his speech. Lotay is composed out of Trillions of Microscopic Nano machines.


Lotay is the ultimate tool to have. He can hack computers that are not equal to his computation power. He can retail vast information. He can reverse engineer devices, study it and adapt it to Kilroy when he is fused with him. Even for himself, Lotay can adapt tech to have stronger communication signals.

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