Kilroy Jones was an orphan (Date of birth is the year 3021 on November 15) who was later adopted by the Military of the U.S.S.F.  (United Solar Systems Federation). So by chance he was chosen by the government to later enlist into the Luminaries program raised him and few hundred other orphans from other worlds. When he reached the age of 15 he knew and mastered the art of fighting. By 18 he was in his first war against the parasitic space ameba called the Rhizo. After 3 years of fighting the war was over with the U.S.S.F and the Luminaries stood victorious.  After that, Kilroy and the Luminaries began to expand. The Luminaries became more like police officers/military soldiers when they need to switch hats. So criminal activity likes piracy, smuggling, and illegal goods were kept to a low. Especially when Kilroy was on patrol. Kilroy has been involved in 2 civil wars on 2 different planets trying to settle the dispute between land and slavery. Whatever side he was, on he won thus establishing a link of trust between the planet and the U.S.S.F. However in the rise of U.S.S.F, Kilroy was beginning to see a corruption. He saw that the computer in which was dub Mother Sanctuary began to take too much over the influence of the U.S.S.F when the founders of the U.S.S.F uploaded their memories and experiences into the machine before they died in hopes that it could benefit the future. Mother Sanctuary had promised immortality if everyone was willing to be unified in a hive mind. Kilroy and the Luminaries were against this action, but were thwarted by Mother Sanctuary and had overpowered them. The Luminaries tried to flee from her power, with Lone Star being lucky enough to escape. Those in the Luminaries who were either captured or willing submitted themselves to the Black Silicon Empire had become valued cyborgs, taking command of the Androids for Mother Sanctuary. Now the systems of Alpha Centauri are in the division between two factions: The Federation of United Planets and the Black Silicon Empire. Kilroy enlisted into the Militia of the F.U.P. to stop the Black Silicon Empire, but was denied do to the mistrust they have of him for he could still have ties to the Black Silicon Empire. So the F.U.P had labeled him a fugitive for not going into custody while the Black Silicon Empire has labeled him a Renegade. So Kilroy had to choice to live his life as an outlaw, fighting the Black Silicon Empire they way he see fit. To support himself, he gets jobs in Local Bars. He line of work includes finding treasures, reclaiming stolen items from people, courier missions, saving people, bounty hunting, and in some lines of Mercenary work.. He works under the code name “Lone Star” and has been an outlaw for 5 years.

Before he escaped Mace and Kilroy had to destroy a device that would analyze weapons and equipment and adapt it towards its own vast record of knowledge. So Kilroy stole the technology while Mace made a copy for Kilroy to keep and deleted the files of the technology by blowing it up. Kilroy also kept the robot and the harness that granted the fusion between man and machine. However the Mother Machine’s new army called the Black Silicon Army cornered them both. Mace had sacrificed himself to save Kilroy from being captured.


Kilroy in his youth was a sterner young man. Didn’t take jokes as easy as other did. It was mission first, relaxation never. Now in his 30s, he has become more lenient towards things.  He has become more a tune to sarcasm and puts out there when deem appropriate.  He is very loyal and sticks to his principles not only he had learned from the Academy that he was trained in, but from his own experiences. Another thing about is that he puts people in front of himself when an individual(s) are in danger. He speaks what is on his mind and keeps honest. The only time he uses dishonesty is when he caught in the act of something. He will never give up, not even in the most difficult of situations. He is very mature in his decisions and tries to find a way that doesn’t involve violence. He shows leadership skills. He has modest social skills. He also knows his knowledge in weapons and deduction skills.

Physical Description:

Kilroy has well shaped build, muscular, and tall. He is dark skinned (Tan). He has dark brown hair that is shaggy on the top but trimmed where it doesn’t grow to long. He has green eyes and a square jaw. His attire consists of a white long sleeve shirt. He wears a harness around his torso that activates his powers when he fuses with his robot Lotay. The harness itself has the symbol of the U.S.S.F. He wears a grey military style jacket that also acts as his armor. He where black combat boots with a white rim at the mouth of the boot.  His right boot has a hidden knife. He also has a prosthetic cyborg leg (That was cut off by Mace when he was converted into a machine) on his left leg. On his left shin and foot were cut off.  He wears loose fit black pants.  His taste buds were destroyed when he was poisoned years ago.

In his power armor mode he consist of two large metal gauntlets. A helmet the has a small blacked rounded visor, two ear pieces, square shoulder pad armor, and a ‘voice box’. He has a ‘back pack’.  He wears a holster that also has a crotch guard and as a silver belt buckle. His armor is mostly silver and grey, with the except that he has yellow steel fingers on the gauntlets, a yellow abdomen steel plate on his jacket, three yellow dots on each shoulder pad, and the U.S.S.F. symbol on his steel plated chest.


Without Battle Armor

Lone Star is quick to the draw and is skilled in military combat. He has a way with words and negotiates well. Especially with the ladies. He is a skilled pilot with his ship dubbed The Beretta.

 The Restitution – This was a weapon given as a gift from his best friend Mace. The weapon is basically a very powerful stun gun. The weapon has to barrels and depending on the mode, Kilroy can activate both barrels for a potent paralysis. If he is in NEED to, he can set the gun to kill (Similar to Star Trek). It has laser scope for targeting. It has a status screen to indicate the condition of the weapon. It has two buttons to turn on/off the safety. A magnetic plate to attach to his magnetic holster to carry the Restitution.

Final Grenade - He can only perform this move once. Lone Star throws and if the grenade hits the opponent, 80% damage is done. If the opponent is guarding, then only 20% damage is inflicted.

With the Battle Armor

The weakness of the suit is that it Drains Lone Star about if use too much

Rocket Cycle- his suit can generate nano bots to generate a rocket cycle. From this rocket cycle he shoot missiles at the target. Limited to 3 missiles at a time. He can also fly around while the missiles reload.

Megaton punches-When he does a super punch, the suit generates huge metal gloves, and punches the enemy numerously.

Justice kick- A large metal boot that forces the opponent to fly across the area.

 Omega Laser- This extremely powerful dual wrist lasers can penetrate through any one's defenses and cause a lot in damage . However this takes 20% of his health. It is a move he uses with discretion.

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